Electronic Privacy Disclosure

Electronic Privacy Disclosure

It is Citizens State Bank's goal to make our products and services available to our customers at all times through our website, www.csbsealy.com. We are committed to providing such services while ensuring your information remains private and confidential.

It is our Pledge to any visitor to our website will remain anonymous. Although we collect user contact information and digital ID authentication, this information is gathered solely for the purpose to serve support requests more efficiently. This information is not distributed to third parties. Its primary purpose is to serve our customers better.

This website gathers aggregate information including anonymous website statistics. The Bank uses this information to determine the level of interest in the information available on our website.

The online banking section of our website uses enhanced software to protect the privacy and security of your personal information. Passwords to your online banking are encrypted therefore unreadable by Bank employees. The website and online banking section may contain links to other websites. The Bank is not responsible for the privacy and security practices employed by third party websites. We recommend you review the privacy and security policies of third party websites before providing personal or confidential information. Citizens State Bank is not responsible for the content nor does it guarantee the products and services offered by third party websites.

If you are already a Citizens State Bank customer, we thank you for your account relationship. If you are not, we hope our website answers your questions about our products and services. If there are any questions, you may contact us at any of the option listed under Contact Us.